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*As you already know our all(maximum) services are free like free software, tutorials, tutorials videos, script downloads or share, etc. and we never include any type adds (no adds) in our free websites or software services so, if you like or enjoy our free services please donate us. Your donation helps us to improve our free services.

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From 2015 to still (2021) we provide free services worldwide. 2015 to 2018 we provide only free software ( ) services and 2018 we decided to create a new technical (tech) related website then we create this ( ) website but currently, we provide many types free services like online gaming or tech videos.

We create two YouTube channels "CodeX" or "NightHawk" (2019). CodeX is for only tech video purpose and NightHawk is only for Gaming Streaming purposes. Please subscribe to our YouTube channels and help us.

We have four online payment gateway systems for received your donations. You can donate us via Paypal, Buy Me A Coffee, Paytm and Razorpay - via an online payment gateway system.

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We Are Currently Working On Our Android Application Development and We already have two YouTube channels their name is CodeX or NightHawk. CodeX is for programming related videos and NightHawk is for online game streaming so please supporting us and Subscribe to our channels, Thank you